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Climate Adaptation



Course format Blended
Datum 2020-09-01 - 2020-10-09

Course introduction

The climate is changing and one of the solution to many of the challenges caused by that is climate adaptation. The aim of the course is to give the student a theoretical and practical understanding of climate adaptation – including needs and causes, methods and solutions as well as effects. Additionally the aim is that the students understand how Denmark is handling climate adaptation regarding legislation, administration, management and practical issues including the interaction with e.g. the EU Water Framework Directive.

The course builds on the knowledge acquired during the bachelor education

In relation to the competence profile of the degree it is the explicit focus of the course to:

  • Give the competence to work with complex issues and develop cooperation and specialisation.
  • Give skills to understand and handle cases involving many disciplines inside and outside biology.
  • Give knowledge and understanding of the term climate adaptation


The following main topics are contained in the course:

  • Effects of climate changes in DK now and in the future and the need for climate adaptation
  • Changes in discharge of water and dissolved and particulate substances from cities and agricultural areas
  • Effects in freshwater and marine recipients
  • Climate adaptation: Methods and solutions – such as:
    • Methods to delay and treat runoff (stormwater ponds, buffer zones, constructed wetlands, advanced treatment etc.)
    • SUDS – Sustainable drainage systems (green roofs, permeable surfaces, local infiltration etc.)
    • Handling of water and nutrient transport in the open land (meadows, weed cutting etc.)
    • Coast protection and methods to handle flooding
  • Interactions between climate adaptation, the EU Water Framework Directive, Green development and other ongoing initiatives in this area.


Students taking the course are expected to: Have knowledge of ecology

Learning outcomes

The learning objectives of the course is that the student demonstrates the ability to:

  • Describe the background for using climate adaptation
  • Explain which impacts a changing climate will have on the environment and the following need for climate adaptation
  • Describe which climate adaptation methods to use in specific situations
  • Evaluate the effects of climate adaptation also in relation to other measures in the catchment


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