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Instalações Elétricas (Electrical Installations )


Portuguese, Portugal

Course format Blended
Datum 2024-01-02 - 2024-05-31
Tijdsduur 20 hours
Cost 80 €

Lifelong training and support for the conversion and updating of skills of active adults through the acquisition of knowledge in the area of Electrical Installations.


The course is aimed at Engineers/Technical Engineers specializing in electrotechnical engineering; Technicians responsible for the execution, operation and design of private service electrical installations; Non-electrotechnical engineers linked to industrial maintenance and energy and Electricians/Electromechanics/Maintenance Managers/Technical staff.

Application procedure

Applications are made through an online form.

Grant opportunities

Merit scholarships are awarded by the Directorate-General for Higher Education to students who have achieved outstanding academic success, regardless of their income.

Learning outcomes

Identify, select and size the materials, equipment, plumbing and electrical protection necessary for electrical installations
Conceive and design electrical installations in accordance with the currently applicable legal framework, for the purposes of licensing, execution, certification and maintenance/operation
Interpret the electrical design, diagrams of electrical panels, plans, etc.
Know the fundamental principles for calculating the protection of electrical conduits


ISCED Categories

Offshore en hernieuwbare energie
Machines en operators
Near- en offshore infrastructuur