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Minor in Energy for the Future


Portuguese, Portugal

Course format Blended
Datum 2023-09-01 - 2024-05-31
Tijdsduur 2 semesters
Entry level Master

The Minor in Energy for the Future is designed for students who wish to supplement their major degree programme in skills which cover the challenges of future energy systems. Energy systems are currently responsible for 65% of greenhouse gas emissions. Consequently, the fight against climate change requires the transition of energy systems to more sustainable systems, with low, safe and economically accessible environmental impacts for all. This Minor offers the background knowledge to contribute to solve this social challenge, which is expected to be one of the fields that will generate more jobs within the next 30 years, not only in Europe but around the world. The subjects covered range from renewable energy sources to energy storage and management covering the whole value chain of future energy systems. In addition, energy markets and intelligent networks are optional topics.


This minor is offered to all master students of IST (all majors). The courses require a set of competences from chemistry, thermodynamics, mechanics, physics and mathematics, covered at the bachelor level in all IST degrees.

Application procedure

The access and selection is done through an online assessment exam on the basic concepts that are required to complete the minor courses. This exam will also help students to identify the topics that they need to review.


ISCED Categories

Offshore en hernieuwbare energie