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MSc. in Aquatic Biology

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Tijdsduur 2 semesters
Entry level Bachelor
Cost no tutition fees

This diploma is on the first higher education level and is directly connected to the aquaculture industry. The diploma is taught via distance education with some on-site participation at Verið. The study is composed of a number of short courses (2 - 4 weeks) with one course being taught at any one time, and finally a full-term practicum at a fully functioning aquaculture company.

Structurele componenten

Learning outcomes

Knowledge, ability and skills
At the conclusion of the program, the student can demonstrate knowledge, skills and ability as stated below:
Knowledge and Understanding:

Have gained a systematic understanding of the most recent knowledge within their field of study, giving them a deeper and broader understanding of the knowledge they gained at the B.Sc. level. Are able to make use of and assimilate their knowledge and understanding of theoretical work in order to solve complicated challenges. Are able to analyse and construct arguments supporting results in a professional manner and make independent decisions based on their findings.

Type of Knowledge:

Are able to understand and confront complicated challenges in a professional context and put forward an opinion based on limited information. Have gained knowledge of a specific area within aquatic biology through an independent research project.

Practical Skills:

Are able to find, analyse and evaluate scientific and statistical data.

Theoretical Skills:

Are able to evaluate when various research and analytical methods are appropriate.

Communication Skills and Information Literacy:

Are able to develop and have initiative on new projects in their field of study, direct projects and assume responsibility for the work of individuals and groups. Are able to give a clear account of complicated theoretical subject matters and statistical conclusions both among specialists and laymen. Can work independently and in a group. Have learned the use of and used the software used in their field of study.

Learning Skills:

Have developed the required competences and independence to continue studies at the PhD level.

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