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Executive MBA in Shipping & Logistics

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Duration 4 semesters
Entry level Bachelor
Cost DKK 75,000

Copenhagen Business School is recognised as having the only part-time Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics in the world. The mission of this unique MBA is to give high-potential executives in the shipping industry an up-to-date insight into modern management theories and their application in the maritime sector.

The programme adopts a holistic view of shipping, integrating commercial, technological and financial aspects as well as maritime law, supply-chain management and leadership challenges, which is unique. Graduates of the programme develop a complete understanding of the challenges in this sector and are taken to the top international level in business administration, reflecting the needs of the industry in a world where globalisation, enhanced competition, and the speed of technological change place ever-increasing demands on executive management skills. The following governing themes are evident throughout the programme:

  • Market understanding
  • Leadership
  • Information technology
  • Globalisation
  • Environmental issues
  • Strategic planning

The CBS MBA in Shipping and Logistics is a modular programme with week-long modules on a regular basis supported by a virtual platform, where individual/group assignments and group discussions enhance the learning process. The programme consists of eight modules, each of which is followed by an individual assignment, plus a final integrating strategy project; which constitute the final master thesis. Teaching take place in Denmark, Germany and the UK.

Structural components
Practical/Field work

Application procedure


Next intake for the Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics programme is September 2021. All application forms together with relevant documents as well as queries for further information should be directed to Programme Director Irene Rosberg on


Application Form
Recommendation form
Sponsorship form
Please contact Programme Director Irene Rosberg on to receive the forms.

The Admissions Board meets every week, and applications are reviewed on a continuous basis, so we encourage you to apply as soon as you have made your decision.

Grant opportunities

About 85% of all the participants in the Executive MBA Shipping and Logistics Programme are sponsored by their employers.

Learning outcomes

Those who will graduate from the program would have acquired the following:

  • Blue MBA graduates are competitive for the international job market as they receive a relevant and rigorous (= research based) knowledge provided by academic faculty in cooperation with high level executives.
  • Interdisciplinary knowhow transfer by workshops, seminars and the interdisciplinary project – combining shipping, law, economics, operations/supply chain management, marketing, organisation and finance.
  • Content knowledge as well as social knowledge through diversity in faculty and composition of participants.
  • Theories, methods, tools to understand the whole complexity of the industry
  • Social skills by coaching techniques, negotiation skills, conflict resolution and interpersonal communication training
  • Applying the set of theories, methods and tools and being able to solve strategic, tactical and operative problems covering the whole range of shipping related issues
  • Applying social skills to demonstrate leadership


The CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics aims at giving participants up-to-date insight into shipping economics and modern management theories and their application in the maritime sector.


  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognised academic institution or equivalent;
  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or similar documented qualification;
  • Minimum three years of work experience in a relevant field;
  • Two personal recommendations.

Prior to admission, applicants are interviewed and an individual assessment of the suitability of the applicant is made based upon the above requirements and the result of the interview. For long distance applicants the interview may be conducted by telephone. Please contact programme director Irene Rosberg to find out more about admissions on

ISCED Categories

Project management
Maritime economy
Policy and governance
Logistics and shipping management