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Maritime Navigation

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 8 semesters
Cost 5,000 USD/year (foreigners), 2,500 USD/year (citizens)

Aim of the program is to train officers in charge of a navigational watch serving on a seagoing ship of 500 gross tonnage or more – officers of management level, operational level, support level. - Training of masters and chief mates for working on ocean merchant ships; - Train qualified staff for position of management level in field of maritime transport control, functioning and regulations in governmental or private sectors;

Structural components
Ship training

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the educational program graduate will be able to: Plan navigational and cargo operations; Navigation in different weather conditions; Provide safe navigation; fire fighting; use of safety and survival crafts in emergency situations; Provide firs medical aid; knowledge of survival at sea techniques; Provide hydrometeorological observation and read synoptic charts; Use navigational information, charts and electronic charts, control ship positioning and movement; Use celestial bodies and equipment; Use ship radio and electric navigational, radiolocation and navigational automated systems; React adequately on Master’s orders; Properly organize navigational watch and work of crew members; Use of informational and communication technologies; Provide safety , survival and rescue operations in English lanuage based on international regulations requirements; Use all kinds of Radionavigational systems in accordance with Radio Regulations;


Complete general education and the results of the Unified National Exams

ISCED Categories

Logistics and shipping management
Navigation and seamanship