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B.S. in Marine Entrepreneurship (B.S. in Marine Entrepreneurship )

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Cost TUITION $37,390

Program Overview

Does the ocean hold the key to your success? A truly unique major that combines study in business and marine sciences, UNE’s B.S. in Marine Entrepreneurship allows you to nurture passions and career aspirations simultaneously. Our seaside campus, including a mile of coastline and a private island just off our shores, is the ideal environment for you to explore the intersection of business, management, economics, and marine science. Let the new ocean economy work for you.

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Marine Entrepreneurship Curriculum


Business Requirements

BUMK 200 - Marketing

BUAC 201 - Financial Accounting

BUEC 204 - Microeconomics

BUMG 302 - Human Resource Management

BUMK 312 - Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management

BUFI 315 - Financial Concepts & Skills

BUMG 325 - Legal Environment of Business

BUEC 390 - Environmental Economics

BUMG 307 - Operations Management

BUMG 410 - Creating Social Enterprises


Marine Science Requirements25-29

MAR 106/106L - Biology II of Marine Organisms

MAR 150/150L - Discovering the Ocean Environment

MAR 250/250L - Marine Biology

One course from Organismal Biology Area (see list below)

One course from Process Area (see list below)

MAR 325 - Marine Science Speaker Series


Marine Science Requirements

Two courses from the following list:


BIO 221 - Principles of Aquaculture

BIO 222/222L - Finfish/Shellfish Culture Techniques

MAR 365 - Ocean Ecosystem Based Management

MAR 432/432L - Fisheries Biology

MAR 316 - Science and Society

MAR 260 - Coastal and Ocean Law


Interdisciplinary Requirements9

BUEC 399 - Economic Topics: Marine Economy

BUMG 400/MAR 410 - Management Seminar/Marine Research

BUMG 495/MAR 495 Business Internship/Marine Internship


Area Courses 

Organismal Biology Area 

BIO 204/204L - Parasitology

BIO 232/232L - Microbiology

BIO 234/234L - Environmental Microbiology

BIO 319/319L - Ornithology

BIO 330/330L - Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

MAR 320/320L - Invertebrate Zoology

MAR 331/331L - Biology of Fishes

MAR 355/355L - Biology of Marine Mammals

MAR 375/375L - Biology of Sharks, Skates and Rays

MAR 442 - Aquatic Invasive Species


Process Area 

BIO 333 - Evolution

BIO 350/350L - Ecology

MAR 335/335L - Animal/Behavioral Ecology

MAR 350/350L - Marine Ecology

Structural components
Internship/Workplace experience
Practical/Field work

ISCED Categories

Project management
Policy and governance