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Magíster en Ciencias, mención en pesquerías (Master of Science, mention in Fishing )

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Duration 2 semesters
Cost Three thousand four hundred euros

This program is taught by the Faculty of Natural and Oceanographic Sciences of the University of Concepción and aims to train specialists in the area of ​​fisheries, with high scientific preparation, capable of conducting research on biological and fisheries processes in resources of economic interest, as well as technically advise state and private organizations. The Master of Science with a mention in Fisheries, with a highly qualified permanent faculty and which also includes leading national and foreign visiting professors in the field of fisheries and oceanography, has already reached an international level and receives annually applicants from Chile and the rest from Latin America interested in training of the highest professional, scientific and academic level. The great national development in fisheries and its high impact on the regional and global economy means that more and more qualified professionals are required both to understand the dynamics of the exploited resources, their environment, as well as for the development of effective fishing models and tools in management and decision making at the country level and internationally. In this context, the permanent institutional interest of the Universidad de Concepción to develop research and training of human resources in basic and applied sciences, together with the perception of the great importance of the Chilean fishing sector in the national and regional concert, has led to The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Oceanography began the program of Master of Science with Mention in Fisheries since 1996, through its Department of Oceanography.

Structural components
Practical/Field work

Learning outcomes

Train specialists in the area of fisheries, with high scientific preparation; able to carry out research on biological and fishing processes in populations that constitute resources of economic interest, as well as technical advice to state and private organisms.


The applicant to the master's program in sciences with mention in fisheries, should be graduated in marine biology, licensed in biology, marine biologist, fishing biologist, oceanographer, engineer in fishing or have some professional form / grade. in addition to the documents requested by the postgraduate directorate, you must attach: - letter of intention. - confidential reports in a closed envelope of two people who can inform about their preparation and personal conditions (one of them must be from the university where it was titleed). - curricular background (academic background, research background and / or professional experience).

ISCED Categories

Project management
Maritime economy
Conservation and environmental management
Scientific modelling