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Master of Business Administration in Port and Shipping Management

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Cost 200,000 Indian Rupee per academic year

The programme​​​​ is designed to provide the students with adequate skills and knowledge in functional areas of the port and shipping sectors. It also gives a holistic view of the sector integrating various areas viz. port management, maritime law and maritime economics which helps them to gain a thorough understanding of the maritime business and taking up employment in the same.

The duration of the MBA programme is two academic years consisting of four semesters. Each academic year shall be divided into two semesters. The odd semester is scheduled from August to January of each academic year and the even semesters from February to July of each academic year. There shall be not less than 90 working days for each semester.

ISCED Categories

Maritime economy
Marine and maritime law
Logistics and shipping management