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Degree in Production Engineering and Industrialization of aquatic resources

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 10 semesters
Cost Not specificed

This race is able to analyze professional methods and techniques in the field of culture and technology of processed foods based on aquatic resources; design systems for breeding and processing of resources, technology platforms used in production management, install crops inland marine waters, manage water resources by controlling the environment.

The engineer of production and industrialization of aquatic resources makes health inspection of fish and shellfish, will select potential aquatic resources and install canneries and freezing plants.

Skills and Job Opportunities

It may take place in state enterprises and private national and international level where technological innovation and creation processes are strategic.

In the financial field, it will work out technical or operational positions and later to gain experience and responsibility to be a manager or area manager, manager or specialist in the field of processing and cultivation of aquatic resources.

In the field of communications, properly interact with the human group with which he works, maintaining fluid communication and giving clear and effective instructions to staff that relates,, especially in those tasks and jobs that require a high degree of coordination.

You could create your own company or work as a consultant to provide services involving the application of farming systems and food technologies.

Solves problems and makes decisions in the areas of competence.

It adapts to new work situations, generated as a result of changes in the new technological advances, related to their profession.

It fits contingencies directives issued by the company in which they work.

You can perform research and teaching.

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