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Bachelor of Engineering Systems and Telematics

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 10 semesters
Cost Not specificed

The Telematics Systems Engineer and must have an integrated vision systems and information technology, which will allow you to know and use the computer architecture; schedule, analyze and design systems for improving business competition human interaction and implementing systems and information technology; efficient use of technology platforms and manage electronic, analog and digital projects.

This professional will ensure continuity and optimization of information services in the labor and business.

Skills and Job Opportunities

It may take place in state enterprises and private national and international level where technological innovation and creation are strategic.

In the financial field, it will work out technical or operational positions and later to gain experience and responsibility to be a manager or area manager, manager or specialist in the field of systems analysis and software development.

In the field of communications, it will serve as a technology specialist and later as chief, director or manager of product lines or services, or for a sector of the industry.

You could create your own company or work as a consultant to provide services involving the application of information systems and technologies.

You can perform research and teaching.

ISCED Categories

Personal skills and communication