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Cruise Ship Hotel and Restaurant Services

Short-cycle tertiary education (ISCED 2011 level 5)


Cost Not specificed

This is a two-year land-based and sea-based program which is in line with the International Standard of Hospitality Industry. This program involves understanding of cruise line and tourism operations which are fundamental in Hotel and Restaurant Management. This is accompanied by shipboard familiarization, ship’s catering, and basic training course. Graduates of this program can be employed in luxury vessels and domestic passenger vessel, five-star hotel, and restaurant wither locally or internationally. Career opportunities are as follows:

  1. Hotel and Restaurant Owner/Managers
  2. Cook
  3. Baker
  4. Patisserie/Pastry Chef
  5. Bartender
  6. Barista
  7. Sommelier (Wine Attendant)
  8. Food and Beverage Service Attendant
  9. Stateroom Steward
  10. Valet/Butler Service
  11. Room Attendant/Hotel Housekeeper
  12. Mess man
  13. Cruise Apprentice

ISCED Categories

Personal skills and communication