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Course format On-site
Date 2020-08-17 - 2020-12-20

Course content

Properties of seawater. Conservation equations. Equations of motion. Coriolos effect. Geostrophic current. Inertial current. Planetary boundary layer flow. Wind-induced current. Bottom currents. Circulation. Tides. Global and local wind description. Mean wind. Wind gust. Wave forecast. Surface waves. Wave refraction. Non-linear waves. Breaking waves. Wave-current interaction.


Recommended previous knowledge

TMR4247 Marine Technology - Hydrodynamics.

Learning outcomes

  • To have a good physical understanding of phenomena contributing to the interaction between the atmosphere and the ocean, and which also contribute to the motions in the ocean.
  • To have detailed knowledge of global and local description of wind conditions, of how waves change due to change in water depth and interacting with currents.
  • To have some knowledge of non-linear and breaking waves.
  • To have detailed knowledge of physical phenomena which contribute to currents in the ocean.
  • To be able to make simple calculations of wind-, wave- and current conditions.
  • To master the concepts and terminology which are used in the description of wind, waves and currents.


ISCED Categories

Physical and chemical oceanography