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Global Change Ecology



Course format On-site
Date 2020-08-10 - 2020-12-18

Course contents:

The course consists of 10 different topics. Each topic is introduced through an introductory lecture. The candidates then independently read two original, scientific publications on the topic, and every candidate must submit a written report with questions and answers for each of the scientific publications. The content of the scientific publications is presented and discussed in student groups. 


BOT100, BOT130, ZOOL100 and ECOL200.

Learning outcomes


Students will have good knowledge of cutting-edge research on global changes and their influence on various organisms and ecosystems. In addition, the students will have an understanding of the complexity and functions of ecosystems. The course will also provide the students with good knowledge of the scientific publishing process and ability to study original scientific publications.


The candidate will be able to synthesise and acquire information from scientific publications and be able to communicate this material orally. The candidate should have good skills in the application of the subjects, ideas and methods, as well as in analysis and interpretation of results.

General competence

The course seeks to develop the candidate"s ability to understand and evaluate the complexity and diversity of nature. Special emphasis will be placed on illuminating the significance of interaction between organisms, and between organisms and their environments. Ethical aims are to convey humility towards organisms" ability to survive and reproduce under harsh environmental conditions.


ISCED Categories