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Marine Biology



Course format On-site
Date 2021-01-04 - 2021-06-18
Cost NOK 3,000

The course provides an introduction to the marine environment, important groups of organisms (such as plankton, benthos, invertebrates and vertebrates), ecology of organisms, and use of basic sampling equipment.


Admission to the course follows the admission requirement in the bachelor program in biology.

Recommended prior knowledge

BI123F Ecology, BI125F Biodiversity or similar.

Learning outcomes


  • Have broad knowledge of central processes associated with biological production and the flow of energy in the sea
  • Be able to identify different ecosystems and give an account of the main ecological processes involved
  • Know of research methods and issues in marine biology
  • Have knowledge of central research in marine biology


  • Be able to apply scientific knowledge and relevant results from biological research in field investigations
  • Be able to update her knowledge in the field of marine biology
  • Be able to approach problems based on sound knowledge in the field

General competence

  • Have insight into the most relevant ethical issues concerning marine life
  • Have broad level of ecological insight into northern marine ecosystems
  • Be able to exchange knowledge and viewpoints within the expert community


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