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Master in Nautical Wetenschappen (Master in Nautical Sciences )

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Duration 2 semesters
Cost 1000 USD/year for Belgian citizen, 7500 USD/year for foreigners

The master training is organised in co-operation with Antwerp University, Ghent University and Liège University.

Mandatory subjects – Core Modules

  • Maritime transportation
    Ship's exploitation – Supply Chain Management 1 – Maritime law
  • Maritime technique
    Navigation tide analysis, Voyage Planning, ice navigation, Radar/Arpa simulator) – Regulations (risk analysis) – Manoeuvres – Propulsion – Automation – Inspection, surveying and maintenance
  • Human resources and communication
    Group communication in an intercultural environment – Crisis & Crowd Management

         + Master thesis

Optional subjects related to research topics

  • Safety and health
    Strategic management – Maritime medical urgencies
  • Maritime transportation
    Analysis of shipping markets – Supply Chain Management 2 – Port management and policy – Business economics
  • Problems of marine environment
    Advanced maritime ecology
  • Problems of maritime energy
  • Maritime techniques
    Introduction into hydrography – Special ship types: oil, gas (LNG/LPG) and chemical tankers – Advanced maritime technology, safety and stability – Dynamic Positioning
    Seminar on ship construction, propulsion and automation
  • Human resources and communication
    Information and communication technology – Data analysis
Structural components
Ship training
Practical/Field work

ISCED Categories

Project management
Personal skills and communication
Policy and governance
Logistics and shipping management
Naval engineering
Oil, gas and mineral resources
Marine spatial planning
Maritime security
Navigation and seamanship
Marine and maritime law