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Firmly anchored in the maritime industry for over twenty years, we have always kept the same focus: delivering high-quality, customized solutions to our clients.

Thanks to our in-house knowledge and worldwide network of partners we offer hands-on support in all your maritime projects.

Maritime projects require certified crew. By combining our historical knowledge with a future-minded approach, we offer your employees IMO compliant and safety-focused courses for every function from basic to specialized crewmember.

Our partnership with the Servtec Group, largely present on the African continent, has increased our training capabilities offering us the possibility to train and fully certify seafarers and offshore workers in countries such as Mozambique, Senegal, Mauritania were the demand of qualified crew is growing.

Our certifications attest to the excellence of our methods: we are triple certified per ISO’s standards and our courses are recognized internationally with support from the leading flagstates such as Belgium, Liberia and Marshall Islands.


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