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Inter-disciplinary or broad programmes and qualifications to which the greatest intended learning time is devoted to natural sciences, mathematics and statistics are classified here.

Master's Programme in Physical Oceanography, 120 credits

405 30, SE

Coastal Sciences (Coastal Ecology and Ecosystem Processes) PhD

Hattiesburg, US

Bachelor in Computer Science

Szczecin, PL

Master in Physical Oceanography

Ensenada, MX

Master in Engineering in the Coastal Environment

Southampton, GB

Nutical Sciences for Merchant officers

Cartagena de Indias, CO

Fishing Engineering

Arequipa, PE

Coastal Sciences (Coastal Ecology and Ecosystem Processes) MS

Hattiesburg, US

MSc Water and Environment

Aalborg East, DK

Master of Science in Marine Ecology

Distrito de San Pedro Pochutla, MX

Bachelor of Science - Oceanography Major

Kensington, AU

Marine Science (Hydrography) BS

Long Beach, US

BSc Marine Technology

Delft, NL

Master in coastal and environmental geology

Maputo, MZ

MSc Applied Marine Science

Plymouth, GB

Sustainable Water Management MSc

Lancaster, GB

Flow Assurance

Aberdeen, GB

Master in Marine Ecology

Lisboa, PT

Master of Engineering, Autonomous Maritime Operations

Turku, FI

Bachelor of Science in Marine Conservation

Melbourne, US

M.Phil. Marine Sciences

Panjim, IN

M.Sc. Ecology

Bremen, DE

MRes Marine Geology and Geophysics

Southampton, GB

Master of Science in Oceans and Fisheries (MSc)

Vancouver, CA

PhD Program in Coastal Oceanography

Ensenada, MX

Hydrodynamics for Ocean Engineering (M-TECH HOE)

Nantes , FR

Physical Oceanography (Ocean & Earth Science, B.S.)

Norfolk, US

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, B.S.

Stony Brook, US

BSc Ocean Engineering

Blacksburg, US

BSc Marine Engineering

Tuzla, TR

Marine Technologies (M.Sc.)

Haifa, IL
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