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Inter-disciplinary programmes and qualifications to which the greatest intended learning time is devoted to information and communication technologies (ICTs) are classified here.

Bachelor in Computer Science

Szczecin, PL

Bachelor of Science in Ocean Engineering

Durham, US

Bachelor Programme in Meteorology, Oceanography and Geophysics

Lisboa, PT

Bachelor of Science - Marine Biology Major

Newark, US

Bachelor in Geodesy and Cartography

Szczecin, PL

PhD Program in Coastal Oceanography

Ensenada, MX

Freshwater and Marine Ecology MSc

London, GB

Degree in nautic and maritime transport

A Corunã, ES

MSc Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystems: Assessment, Conservation & Management

Kingston, JM

Bachelor of Science in Marine Fisheries

Galveston, US

Master of Science in Marine & Environmental Science

St Thomas, US

Bachelor of Science in biology

Québec , CA

MSc Marine Engineering with Specialisation in Autonomous Marine Vehicles

Glasgow, GB

Master of Science in Marine and Coastal Resource Management

Chester , GB

Master in Aquaculture

Ensenada, MX

Master of Science (Aquatic Biotechnology)

Serdang, MY

Major of Ocean Science

Yeongdo-gu, KR

Master in Marine Technology

Dalian Shi, CN

Master’s in Marine Biology

Florida, US

INSPIRE Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs)

Southampton, GB

Marine Science Double Major Program (Marine Science/Computer Science)

Coral Gables, US

Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology

Galveston, US

B.E. Marine Engineering

Kanathur, IN

Master of Science (Aquaculture)

Serdang, MY

Marine Science Double Major Program (Marine Science/Biochemistry&Molecular Biology)

Coral Gables, US

Master of Science (Marine Ecology and Biodiversity)

Serdang, MY

MSc in Applied Biology

Msida, MT


La Rochelle cedex 1, FR

Master of Oceanography

Kingston, US

PhD in Marine Science and Technology

Dartmouth, US

PhD (Oceanography)

Gushan District, TW

Doctor of Philosophy (Quantitative Antarctic Science) (X9J)

Hobard, AU

Master in Ocean Technology

Bergen, NO

Mechanical and Offshore Engineering BEng (Hons)

Aberdeen, GB

Bachelor of Marine Science

Douglas, AU
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