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Mining and extraction is the study of assessing, planning, developing, and directing the extraction of minerals, oil and gas from the earth.

Programmes and qualifications with the following main content are classified here:

Coal mining

Mineral technology

Mining of minerals

Oil and gas drilling

Oil and gas extraction

Raw material extraction


Study of metallurgical engineering is excluded from this detailed field and included in 0715 ‘Mechanics and metal trades’

Study of geology is excluded from this detailed field and included in detailed field 0532 ‘Earth sciences’.

Bachelor in Petroleum Engineering

Coatzacoalcos, MX

Ocean Engineering BS

Long Beach, US

Master’s in Renewable Energy

Eindhoven, NL

Marine Science (Hydrography) BS

Long Beach, US

Flow Assurance

Aberdeen, GB

MSc Ship & Offshore Structures

Glasgow, GB

Bachelor's degree in Marine Technologies

Barcelona, ES

Master in Offshore Engineering

Aberdeen, GB

Bachelor in Petroleum Engineering

Ciudad de México, MX

Marine Technologies (M.Sc.)

Haifa, IL

MSc in Oceanography

Gdynia, PL

Master in Subsea Engineering

Aberdeen, GB

Marine Geosciences (M.Sc.)

Haifa , IL

Dual Degree Master’s Program in Petroleum/Subsea Engineering

Houston, US

Marine Geosciences (Ph.D.)

Haifa, IL

Master in Marine Science (Marine Geology)

Yangpu Qu, CN

Marine Technologies (Ph.D.)

Haifa, IL

Marine Technology with Offshore Engineering (MEng Honours)

Newcastle, GB

MSc in Marine Technology (Newcastle University in Singapore)

, SG

Master in Decommissioning

Aberdeen, GB

Offshore, Subsea and Pipeline Engineering MSc

Newcastle, GB

MSc Subsea & Pipeline Engineering

Glasgow, GB

BSc (Hons) Geology with Ocean Science

Plymouth, GB

MSc Polar and Marine Sciences POMOR

33-35, 10th line V.O., RU

MSc Offshore & Dredging Engineering

Delft, NL

Master in Navigation

Szczecin, PL

Bachelor of Science in Management – Maritime Concentration

Thibodaux, US

Engineering in Oceanology

Puerto Angel, MX

Master in Renewable Energy in the Marine Environment

Bilbao, ES

Applied Geosciences M.Sc

Aachen, DE
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