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Architecture is the study of the art, science and techniques of building design. It encompasses both utilitarian ends - such as the soundness of the structure and the functional and economic efficiency of the building - and aesthetic considerations. Town planning is the study of the regulated growth and improvement of towns in both functional and aesthetical points of view.

Programmes and qualifications with the following main content are classified here:

Architectural urban design and planning


Building design

Cartography/Land surveying

City planning

Community development

Landscape architecture

Structural architecture


Town and country planning

Urban planning


Study of interior design is excluded from this detailed field and included in detailed field 0212 ‘Fashion, interior and industrial design’. Geomatics is excluded from this detailed field and included in detailed field 0532 ‘Earth science’.

The laying out and construction of parks and gardens is excluded from this detailed field and included in detailed field 0812 ‘Horticulture’.

Major of Civil Engineering

Yeongdo-gu, KR

Fishing Engineering

Mazatlán, MX

M.Sc. Marine Sensors

Oldenburg, DE

Applied Marine Geoscience MSc

Gwynedd, GB

Marine Technologies (M.Sc.)

Haifa, IL

MRes Marine Geology and Geophysics

Southampton, GB

MSc Autonomous Systems

Plymouth, GB

Master in Marine Technology

Yangpu Qu, CN

Marine Geology & Geophysics PhD

Erdemli, TR

Marine Geosciences (M.Sc.)

Haifa , IL

Marine Geosciences (Ph.D.)

Haifa, IL

Marine Technologies (Ph.D.)

Haifa, IL

BSc (Hons) Oceanography and Coastal Processes

Plymouth, GB

Master of Professional Science (Underwater Archaeology)

Coral Gables, US

MSc in Marine Technology (Newcastle University in Singapore)

, SG

MSc Hydrography

Plymouth, GB

MSc Marine Planning for Sustainable Development

Stromness, GB

Marine Science Double Major Program (Marine Science/Physics)

Coral Gables, US

Master in Marine Science (Physical Oceanography)

Yangpu Qu, CN

Master of Professional Science (Marine Mammal Science)

Coral Gables, US

Master of Professional Science (Tropical Marine Ecosystem Management)

Coral Gables, US

Applied Geosciences M.Sc

Aachen, DE

Master of Professional Science (Applied Remote Sensing)

Coral Gables, US

PhD in Marine Technology

Nanjing Shi, CN

MSc Coastal Engineering

Plymouth, GB

MSc Marine Biodiversity and Biotechnology

Edinburgh, GB

Marine Science Double Major Program (Marine Science/Computer Science)

Coral Gables, US

BSc (Hons) Geology with Ocean Science

Plymouth, GB

Marine Geography (BSc)

Cardiff, GB
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