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Occupational health and safety is the study of recognising, evaluating and controlling environmental factors associated with the workplace.

Programmes and qualifications with the following main content are classified here:

Ergonomics (occupational health and safety)

Health and safety in the workplace

Industrial welfare

Labour protection

Labour security

Labour welfare (safety)

Occupational health and industrial hygiene

Occupational safety

Stress management

Work environment


Study of vocational rehabilitation and occupational therapy is excluded from this detailed field and included in detailed field 0915 ‘Therapy and rehabilitation’.

Study of labour law is excluded from this detailed field and included in 0421 ‘Law’.

Study of ergonomics is excluded from this detailed field if emphasis is given to technical aspects and is included in the appropriate detailed field under 071 ‘Engineering and engineering trades’.

Nautical Science HNC

Inverness, GB

Marine Engineering

Batumi, GE

M.E (Naval Architecture)

Yangon, MM

Degree in marine technologies

A Coruña, ES

Master's in water engineering

A Coruña, ES

Marine Engineering HNC

Inverness, GB

Bachelor: Engine Watchkeeping Officer / Chief Mechanic 8000kW

Saint-Malo, FR

Master in Operation and Management of Maritime Systems

Wismar, DE

PgCert Hydrography B

Antwerpen, BE

Bachelor of Science in Nautical Science

Chennai, IN

Marine Engineering

Bourne, US

Master in Maritime and Transport Law

Rotterdam, NL

MSc Advanced Naval Architecture

Glasgow, GB

Professional BSc in Maritime Transport

Riga, LV

Bachelor Degree in Naval Construction and Ship Repairs Engineering

Panama City, PA

Bachelor of Engineering in Nautical Science

Dalian Shi, CN

Master in coastal and environmental geology

Maputo, MZ

Bachelor of Management in Maritime Administration

Dalian Shi, CN

Bachelor of Engineering in Marine Engineering

The Bronx, US

Marine Science (Hydrography) BS

Long Beach, US

Marine Navigation Engineering

Baku, AZ

Master in Transport

Szczecin, PL

Diploma in Nautical Science

Nelson, NZ

Bachelor in Petroleum Engineering

Ciudad de México, MX

Major of Power-driven Machinery System

Yeongdo-gu, KR

BSc Ocean Engineering

Blacksburg, US

Ship's Officer

Svendborg, DK

Master in Maritime Engineering Science with Marine Engineering and Autonomy

Southampton, GB

Major in Ocean Engineering

Blacksburg, US

Bachelor of Maritime Management, Maritime Management, Captain

Turku, FI

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering

Szczecin, PL

MSc Marine and Offshore Engineering

Liverpool, GB

Degree in nautic and maritime transport

A Corunã, ES

Major in Maritime Law and Policy

Yeongdo-gu, KR

MSc Civil Engineering: Hydraulic Engineering

Delft, NL

Bachelor of Science in Coastal Engineering

Wilmington, US

Master in Maritime Engineering Science with Advanced Computational Engineering

Southampton, GB

MS Marine Engineering

Split, HR

Bachelor in Marine Navigation

Pudong Xinqu, CN

Major in Marine Insurance

Yeongdo-gu, KR

BSc Maritime Management

Kotor, ME

Dual Degree Master’s Program in Mechanical/Subsea Engineering

Houston, US

Facilities Engineering Technology

Vallejo, US

Master in Maritime Engineering Science with Naval Architecture

Southampton, GB

Master of Professional Science (Ocean Exploration Science)

Coral Gables, US

MSc Technical Ship Management

Glasgow, GB
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