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Marine Technology: Hydrodynamics for Ocean Engineering

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Tijdsduur 4 semesters
Entry level Bachelor
Cost EU student:243€/year International student:15.000€

This specialism aims to give students advanced training on typical problems of hydrodynamics applied to naval architecture and ocean engineering: ship resistance, seakeeping, ship behaviour in irregular seas, water,  waves and marine environment... physical, modelling and numerical aspects are studied.

Application procedure

Applications through online platform:

Learning outcomes

After their Master thesis, graduate students can prepare a PhD thesis, especially within the teams of LHEEA involved in research for free surface hydrodynamics, through experimental and numerical approaches: wave-structure interactions, 3D numerical simulation of real sea states and extreme waves, ship bow impact in steep waves, flooding and survivability of damaged ships, performances of marine energy devices (wave energy converters, offshore wind turbines, marine current turbines), ship and marine structures.
The research programs of these PhD thesis are often defined in collaboration with industrial partners.
Alternatively, students can carry out (notably research and development work) in various fields of industry: shipbuilding, sailing and leisure boats, offshore industry, coastal engineering, manrine renewable energy.


Bachelor's degree (licence) in related field or equivalent diploma in a relevant discipline.

• Required advanced level in Mathematics
• Required at least Intermediate English proficiency (B1, B2)

ISCED Categories

Offshore en hernieuwbare energie